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Position Type:
Physical Product Designer
Product Development
Full Time


HelpWear is striving to achieve better at-home healthcare by developing affordable and accessible products for patients all around the world. HelpWear is currently developing HeartWatch, a continuous wearable ECG monitoring system worn on the bicep for further prevention and better treatment of heart-related illness. HelpWear was founded out of (and is still based in) St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Ontario and has a west coast office based in the University of Calgary’s Life Science Innovation Hub. We’re currently a team of ~25 and looking to build our team with more individuals who share our passion for improved at-home healthcare.

Key Roles

●       Oversee the design and planning of product design

●       Create high-fidelity interactive prototypes for concept validation and user testing

●       Plan and conduct user research and usability testing, including but not limited to:in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys, and concept testing

●       Document and map user experiences during use-case exploration

●       Improving existing product designs and analyzing working concepts launched by competitorsof similar products to match quality and performance

●       Liaise with material vendors and manufacturers

●       Help the product design team progress through each phase of design, whileprioritizing customer needs

●       Understand product specifications and user psychology and predict what might work for both

●       Presenting product design ideas to cross-functional teams and senior leadership andsoliciting feedback

●       Provide fabrication assistance to product engineers when needed

●       Communicate effectively, both in writing and verbally, with a variety of team members andstakeholders

Required Experiences

● Formal education (or equivalent experience) in Industrial Design

● Previous experience in Product Design

● Previous experience in accessibility design

● Previous experience in user research

● Previous experience in textile design (preferred, not mandatory)

● Previous experience working in a health tech startup (preferred, not mandatory)

Other Skills

● Excellent eye for aesthetic design and customer appeal

● Good understanding of color science and combinations

● Meticulous and diligent attention to detail

● Strong knowledge of the industry and market trends

● Able to collect and interpret both qualitative and quantitative feedback

Candidates must provide a relevant work portfolio with their resume/job application

● Able to prototype new textile product designs

Job Description

As a part of the design team at HelpWear, the UI/UX Designer will be responsible for conceptualizing, designing, and supporting the development of the HeartWatch and its companion software(s). The candidate’s major focus will be in improving the user experience of the HeartWatch system to support effective datacollection. This individual will be working closely with HelpWear team members(engineering, design and clinical) in developing and improving the HeartWatch.

Product Description

The HeartWatch is comprised of different sets of sensors, filtering systems and microcontrollers. Candidates will be working with the core hardware ranging from anywhere from directly with the sensors or to the software system to receive the data to analyze. The hardware works simply as a device that collects data from a variety of biometric sensors, runs through sets of filters get processed by the microcontroller and is sent to us for further signals processing and insight collection. A lot of work will be in the optimization of current hardware for patient trials and commercialization.