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Position Type:
Mobile App Developer
Full Time


HelpWear is striving to achieve better at-home healthcare by developing affordable and accessible products for patients all around the world. HelpWear is currently developing HeartWatch, a continuous wearable ECG monitoring system worn on the bicep for further prevention and better treatment of heart-related illness. HelpWear was founded out of (and is still based in) St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Ontario and has a west coast office based in the University of Calgary’s Life Science Innovation Hub. We’re currently a team of ~25 and looking to build our team with more individuals who share our passion for improved at-home healthcare.

Key Roles

- Contributing to the development and iteration of the HelpWear Android App

- Providing support to the software development team at various stages of the technical stack (e.g. cloud backend, mobile app.)

- Troubleshooting software bugs with the development team

- Code review and repository management

- Working together with UX designers in building out usable and accessible UI

- Working closely on bluetooth device integration with mobile devices and applications

- Finding innovative methods to improve the overall usability of HelpWear’s system

Required Experiences

- Intermediate level experience in Flutter or React Native

- Previous experience in using bluetooth within the application to communicate with peripherals

- Previous experience writing native code in Android

- Previous experience working with AWS libraries such as (S3, EC2, ECS, and APIGateway)

- Understanding of APIs and restful architectures


- Previous experience with C and Java integration such as JNI

Job Description

A viable candidate will be working with the software team to develop critical features and ensure integration harmony with other product systems. While the mobile app will be the candidates core priority, they may on occasion be asked to support development on other parts of the technical stack (e.g. cloud servers, IoT hardware, etc.). An understanding of user interfaces and front-end to develop content/features would be a key asset. This individual must have a strong understanding of the architecture while building the application.The Mobile App Developer is responsible for the development of any mobile application features associated with HelpWear products and their integrations with other components of HelpWear’s technology stack. The candidate will also be a core member of the design and engineering team, where they will help address problems in both areas. On the job, candidates will get a chance to work with the founders, other project leads and support building out the software team.

Product Description

HelpWear builds the HeartWatch -  a continuous, clinical-grade ECG monitor worn on a patient’s bicep. In addition to novel hardware, the HeartWatch has several layers of software (smartphone app, desktop software, and cloud computing). Selected candidates would be working with the mobile app software ranging from anywhere directly with finding ways to improve data transfer through the app or developing new features to improve the system’s performance.