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Position Type:
Software Developer
Full Time


HelpWear is striving to achieve better at-home healthcare by developing affordable and accessible products for patients all around the world. HelpWear is currently developing HeartWatch, a 24/7 wearable heart monitoring system with an embedded emergency contact system for furthered prevention and better treatment of heart-related illness. Since our founding in the summer of 2015 in Ryerson University’s Basecamp program, HelpWear has grown to operate in Ryerson University’s Zone network, the University of British Columbia through CDL West, the Y-Combinator Accelerator program, and the Waterloo region.

Key Roles

- Developing a program that produces patient report for cardiologist from raw ECG data

- Work on methods and improvements to data storage

- Formatting the program to meet clinical requirements

- Changes in the UX to compliment the needs of the user

- Changes in the UI/UX where needed to add key functions

- Code review and repository management

- Reviewing the flow and usability

- Debugging and troubleshooting any problems that may occur

Required Experiences

- Software technical development

- Engineering experience (particularly in software)

- Understanding of documentation and engineering design process implementation

- Experience in full stack development or backend development

- Experience using Python and Post Script

- Graphing Engines

- React

- MATLAB experience is preferable

Job Description

A viable candidate will contribute to development, reiteration, and testing of critical software for the HeartWatch system. This includes Improvement of data storage and accessibility of the data to the users. This requires software capable of accepting raw data from the HeartWatch and putting that data into standard reporting format for cardiologists to analyze. Viable candidates will be responsible for the development of
the software program from start to finish. The candidate will also be a core member of the design and engineering team, where they will help address problems in both areas. On the job, candidates will get a chance to work with the lead engineer on projects and founders

Things That You Might Need to Know

- C coding language for firmware development

- Java/Android for in app implementation

- Understanding of network and server systems

Things You Must Learn

- Standard Holter Reporting Format for North America

- Operations of a ECG

- Operations of a biometric sensors

- Documentation structure

- Bench testing and key test points to identify

Product Description

The HeartWatch is comprised of different sets of sensors, filtering systems and microcontrollers. Candidates will be working with the core hardware ranging from anywhere from directly with the sensors or to the software system to receive the data to analyze. The hardware works simply as a device that collects data from a variety of biometric sensors, runs through sets of filters get processed by the microcontroller and is sent to us for further signals processing and insight collection. A lot of work will be in the optimization of current hardware for patient trials and commercialization.