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HelpWear is striving to achieve better at-home healthcare by developing affordable and accessible products for patients all around the world. HelpWear’s focus is clinical need driven innovation, designing solutions to not only what a patient would need, but from a clinical perspective, to what the healthcare system requires as well.

Our Team

Andre Bertram

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Derek Exner

Chief Medical Officer

Frank Nguyen

Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer

Victor Schepakin

Senior Electrical Engineer

Nabil Uddin

Chief of Staff

Owen Gillett

Lead Development Engineer

Lindsey Di Bartolomeo Sohm

Biometric Sensor Engineer

Joseph Kim

Lead Designer

Warsan Houseman

Communications Specialist

Jason Zhang

Mechanical Engineer

Jalen Gubatan

Service Designer

Tai Tong

Lead Software Developer

Morgan Yeung

Embedded Software Engineer

Shira Yavor

Softgoods Designer

Bashini Balachandran

Software Engineer

Matthew Basso

DSP Engineer

Kenneth Chan

Quality Assurance Engineer

Cindy Su

Operations Coordinator

Matthew Lloyd

Clinical Field Engineer

Jak Loree-Spacek

DSP Engineer

Youssef Beauferris

DSP Intern

Karen Cowan

Clinical Research Consultant

Our Partners

HelpWear is proud to partner with a wealth of academic and clinical organizations.

Our Collaborators

HelpWear also has a distinguished group of technical collaborators.